You get one life. Own it.

At Fleq, we believe home ownership is attainable without a large down payment. Without difficult credit standards. Without taking on massive amounts of debt. And without long-term commitments.

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Your Home. Your Way.

After selecting the house of your dreams, you get to choose how to decorate your home and you decide when – or if – to purchase more equity. Want to make a home improvement or sell the home? You control that process too.


Meet the Alliance.

Because the Alliance is a partnership between you and Fleq, what is good for you is good for us! So we eliminated many traditional barriers to homeownership, combined the best features of owning and renting and sprinkled in some completely new benefits.

Let’s break it down for you…

Meet the Alliance.


  • Build equity
  • Security and stability
  • Home price appreciation


  • Low cost of entry
  • Short-term commitment
  • Owner pays for repairs & taxes
  • Ease of relocation
  • No mortgage debt


  • Equity portability
  • Shared cost of improvements
  • Buy & sell equity as you choose

=  The Fleq Alliance

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Here’s how we’re making it happen—for you.

Step one

Find Your Dream Home.

With the entire Multiple Listing Service (MLS) available to you, search for a house using apps like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or call up the real estate agent who’s been encouraging you to buy a home for years.

Step two

Form an Alliance.

Once you’ve found your dream home, you’ll be teamed up with an Alliance representative. You will receive a quote for your monthly payment, your initial equity contribution to the Alliance, the starting ownership percentage for both parties and the current cost to acquire additional units of equity.

Step three

You’re Approved!

Once approved, Fleq can help with the closing process —giving you ample time to focus on your big move. Best of all, you now have the power of being an all-cash buyer, which can make all the difference when buying your dream home.

Step four

Moving Day.

Your dream house has now become a reality. Welcome to the opportunity you’ve been waiting for—let your design inspiration make your new house your home.

Step five

Equity on Your Terms.

When it comes to equity contributions, pay whatever you want, whenever you want—or nothing at all. Though not required, any equity contributions will increase your ownership in the Alliance.

Step six

Improvements are Encouraged.

Investing in home improvements will enhance your daily living experience and may increase your home’s value. As your partner in homeownership, for any approved home improvements, Fleq will either reimburse you for its pro-rata share of the costs or issue you new equity in the partnership equivalent to the increase in value of the home.

Step seven

Need to Move?

Does your new job require you to relocate? Do you need more space? If and when the time comes, you can sell your home, transfer your acquired equity to a new home with a new Alliance, and in some cases you can even retain your equity ownership in the original home after you’ve moved into a new one.


"Fleq can do everything a mortgage can and some things it can’t."

"Startups are shifting Home Financing from Debt to Equity."

"With Fleq successful renters can become successful homeowners."

"How to use Fleq to Buy a Home without a Mortgage."

"Own a home without ever having to get a mortgage."



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